Frequently Asked Questions

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What made you choose the Philippines?

I was chatting with different women on a dating website [Cherry Blossoms] and doing a lot of reading and research about where to meet a great woman, and where is a great place to make a home base for traveling around Southeast Asia. Since English is pretty common in the Philippines, and I know more than a few guys in very happy relationships with Filipinas, it seemed to be the best choice.

Is it inexpensive to live in the Philippines?

That depends entirely on how you want to live. You can live very cheaply if you live native-style here, but that means no aircon, just fans, local foods, and no expensive imports.

We live a more western style life, so it is more expensive, but still overall less expensive than living a similar lifestyle in the US. For example, we can go out to a very nice dinner at a great local Italian restaurant owned by an actual Italian from Sicily [his restaurant is named Sicily btw], and get great service, and incredible food, and be out the door for about $40, including a great tip for the waitstaff.

It’s worth noting that Bohol has been rated as the most expensive province to live in in the Philippines. Electricity rates are very high, gas/diesel prices are very high, and food prices are very high when compared to other places in the Philippines.

How did you and Chien meet?

Chien and I met on Cherry Blossom’s website. If you’re looking for a great place to meet a Filipina or you are a Filipina looking to meet a foreigner, I think it’s one of the best out there. There are some other popular options as well.

What’s most important is that you are cautious because there are scammers on both sides of the ocean. There are guys that pretend they want love, but really just want to be a “sex pat” [a guy that just wants to boom boom and go] and there are ladies that simply want to get your money. So, maintain a reasonable level of caution.