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What happens when a late 40's guy gets sick of the rat race, burnt out on trying to find a good woman in the nightmare of dating in the U.S., and just decides to throw all-in on an internatinal dating website and prepares for a travel adventure? Well, you get me, Barron Hansen, a web developer and internet consultant who simply says "it's time to go."


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MyPhilippinesAdventures.com is my website to video document my travels to the Philippines, the preparations I had to make, the products and gear that I chose for my trips, the travel process getting to and from my desitinations, and in-depth information about the places I visit while in the Philippines.

I have setup multiple video and social media channels where you can watch the videos and images I post, and get the latest updates. So, in addition to visiting me here, you can check out my Facebook Page, Youtube Channel, Vidme Channel, Bitchute Channel, Twitter Page, Instagram Page, and Steemit Blog.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, or just want to send me a note ... please go to the contact page here on the website and use the contact form. And, make sure to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to many of the most common questions I am receiving so far.

The Background

About MyPhilippinesAdventures.com - Background Information

This all started during Christmas 2016 when I realized I was fed up with the dating scene in the U.S., and bought myself a 3 month subscription to Blossoms.com with the intention of finding a good woman from somewhere in an Asian country. I have a few friends that have married Asian women and they claim it's the best thing they ever did. I figured that if it works for them ... "why not me?" Maybe this sounds like a crazy idea to some, but if you have tried dating in the U.S. these days, you know that it is similar to trying to run through an explosive mine field in a pair of concrete snow shoes.

So, I got online and started chatting with women from all over the Asian region; China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Yes, much like you hear about in the warnings about trying out international dating websites, there were women there just looking for money, or a sugar daddy, but they are pretty quick to expose themselves for who/what they are, because they can only wait so long before they start hitting you up for money. After just a few messages back and forth, they will hit you with a copy/paste sob story about some family emergency that they need you to wire them money for as soon as possible. These are the same type of women here in the U.S. that want you to take them out to a $200 dinner on the first date after exchanging only a couple emails. And, just like internet dating in the U.S., with a simple click of the 'Block Profile' button, they are gone.

Here is where things get much different from trying to date in the U.S., there are far more really good, honest women in these countries that truly are looking for a quality, long-term relationship. After weeding through the riff raff, I found that good women in the Philippines are quite plentiful, tend to speak and write pretty decent English [making communication much easier], and the hardest part of the process was going to be finding the right woman for me in this seemingly endless supply of good women with great hearts. I chatted with women close to my own age, and women very young who said that 'age doesn't matter,' and every age in between. And, in fairly short-order, I found myself chatting every day [sometimes many times per day] with a great woman that had shared values, goals, faith, and outlook on life. Knowing that if anything was actually going to happen beyond long-distance internet chat and conversation, I would have to put myself on a plane and fly across the big blue ocean.

Here is where things get interesting ... I have traveled all over the United States on planes and on extended road trips. In fact, I consider myself a pretty well seasoned traveler when it comes to scooting around the U.S., but international travel is an entirely different experience to prepare for.

Preparation & First Trip

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Gadgets, Gear & Cool Stuff

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